New situations require new solutions. The cursory glance from outside can help alert the inner view to flag up weaknesses. And even independently of this, whether these are in direct conjunction with security, or are just part of the nature of operations.

We combine our operating and logistics experience with the analytical approach from the security environment. Thanks to the varied backgrounds of the customers and our process thinking we are able to combine together problem solving approaches from the most diverse sectors.

Interval pursues a process orientated and preventative security. Steps are defined with the aid of a protection target and their effectivity must be verifiable. Robust physical barriers in combination with a functioning organisation form the basis of this. Electronic systems complement and support the person in their role.

Areas of expertise
  • The cash processing industries, such as banks, valuables transport, technical payment systems (ATM) and banknote printers.
  • Precious metals sector from the mine to the end customer, in particular in relation to transport and storage.
  • Art and culture sector with regards to exhibiting, safekeeping, packaging and transportation of high value and fragile objects
  • Safekeeping and movement of highly–priced jewellery in private ownership as well as during production and commerce